Have you been rejected by the cosmic force known as love and rejected on top of that by the esteemed NY Times column known as Modern Love? We feel your pain. Since ML launched in October 2004, it has rejected thousands of essays written by professionals and amateurs alike. We can't help but think there may have been some good essays tossed into the rubbish pile.

If you ended up here while searching for how to submit to the real Modern Love. Here you go: How to Submit Modern Love Essays. Good luck! We're here if it doesn't work out.  


Disclaimer: If we don't like your essay, we won't post it here either. We're sorry! Please don't take our opinions personally. We are not the end-all-be-all of anything (neither is Daniel Jones for that matter). Feel free to launch

What We Do Not Offer

  • Money
  • The prestige of being published in The New York Times

What We Offer

  • People will see your essay (why waste the 1,800 words you've written?)
  • The company of those who have also been rejected
  • You retain the copyrights to your essay

To Submit

Write us at In addition to attaching your essay, please also forward us the e-mail the Times sent to you saying "thanks but no thanks." It looks something like this:

From: Daniel Jones
To: Samara O'Shea
Date: Feburary 25 2009
Subject: Please PLEASE Publish my Essay!!

Dear Samara O'Shea

I'm afraid we've chosen not to use your essay in Modern Love, but we appreciate the opportunity to consider it. The volume of unsolicited submissions we receive prevents us from responding personally to each writer, but please know all essays are read and considered, and in fact we discover most of the essays for the column among these submissions. Thank you for your interest and best of luck.

Modern Love Editor
The New York Times


If you have had an essay accepted by Modern Love, good for you! Send us the three you wrote before that one was published.